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Are you concerned about the look of your crooked, gaping, or overlapping teeth? Teeth and jaws which are not properly straight or otherwise working together are more than just a cosmetic problem, but are in fact one of the symptoms of a malocclusion. However, bite problems do not necessarily mean your smile needs to be subjected to the discomfort of braces. Today’s latest advances in orthodontic treatment and technology allow for more alternatives for bite correction than ever before. For a beautiful and comfortable way to get a healthier and more attractive smile, simply visit the experts at your local Ridgefield New Jersey dentist at the state of the art offices of Michael B. Schwarz, DMD and ask how Invisalign orthodontics can work for you. Invisalign orthodontics are the number one name in clear plastic retainer systems today.

Invisalign Dentist Ridgefield

Invisalign Dentist Ridgefield

Traditional metal braces are more than uncomfortable and awkward, they can also work to promote tooth decay and cause sores to form inside your mouth throughout your orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, most bite problems are not severe enough to require this mode of care. Today’s Invisalign systems are actually able to treat more levels of bite problems than ever before. Unlike braces, Invisalign uses a system of transparent plastic retainers made from impressions of your own teeth which snap comfortably yet firmly into place over your teeth. These retainers are worn for 23 hours a day, and are simple removed during meals and cleaned during your one hour break a day. This allows patients to continue to enjoy their favorite foods, as well as avoid any complicated and rigorous cleaning methods. Invisalign is actually healthier for your smile as, as it does not promote any level of tooth decay. Your plastic retainers are simply replaced every two weeks for a more advanced pair in order to further along your treatment to gradually move your teeth into healthier and more attractive positions until your orthodontic care is complete. Invisalign 2.0 systems from your professional Ridgefield New Jersey dentist can even be fitted with bands just like regular braces, but without any of the metal, to treat more advanced levels of bite problems than ever before.

For a beautiful and simple way to achieve a straighter smile, be sure to book your Invisalign consultation at your neighborhood Ridgefield New Jersey dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of Michael B. Schwarz, DMD have been proudly treating bite problems just like yours for over twenty years with the latest advances in dental technology and personalized care to meet your unique medical and personal needs. With an Invisalign plastic retainer system from Michael B. Schwarz, DMD you can achieve the beautiful and healthy smile you deserve.

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