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Dental implant restoration, which is the most recent innovation for replacing missing teeth, allows you to restore your full smile without any of the drawbacks and challenges that are typically associated with older dental restorations such as dentures and bridges. Our Ridgefield implant dentist, Dr. Michael B. Schwarz, can help you to enjoy the benefits of dental implants since most people are good candidates for them and up to 98% of them are placed successfully.

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07047 Dental Office

Dental implant restoration begins with the qualification process. It is relatively simple. Your gums should be in reasonably good health and your jaw bone needs to be strong enough to hold the support post for the implant. You see, your implant is a fixed restoration and will be permanently fused to your jaw bone. But no need to be discouraged if your jaw bone does not meet the standard. With bone grafting, bone can be harvested from elsewhere in your body to augment the strength of your jaw bone and make you a good candidate for dental implant restoration from our Ridgefield implant dentist. Those with diabetes or who have personal habits such as smoking should inquire further as these factors can affect whether you qualify for dental implants.

Dental implants hold several impressive advantages over bridges and dentures. They not only look, but feel like your natural teeth so you will not have to feel awkward when you smile, talk, or chew. Your implant will blend near effortlessly with your other teeth. And the messy adhesives required for dentures are not needed with implants. Their fusion to your jaw keeps them securely in place. Also, your surrounding teeth are unaffected by dental implant restoration. A bridge requires that the surrounding teeth be drilled down and crowns put on so that they can anchor the bridge. You can even brush them and floss between them in a completely natural manor. Sound good? We thought so. Just call us and schedule a consultation with our Ridgefield implant dentist. Remember, missing teeth are not only a cosmetic detriment, but they can lead to shifting teeth, which can cause discomfort and a misaligned bite.

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