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Getting a dental crown is a beneficial treatment that allows a damaged tooth to be restored and saved. Up until now, the only thing about getting a crown from Michael B. Schwarz, DMD that was bothersome was having to show up twice: first to have your impression taken and the second session to fit and permanently cement the crown after it has been fashioned at the dental lab. Well now, thanks to CEREC one-visit dentistry, our Ridgefield dental office can do it all during one session, saving you valuable time for both the appointment and the travel time back and forth. No impressions are required. No dental labs have to make your crown. It’s all taken care of on the spot.

CEREC Dental Crowns Ridgefield
CEREC Dental Crowns Ridgefield

If the only thing to recommend CEREC was that it could be done in one visit, typically in just an hour, that alone would be reason enough. But there are more benefits to it. CEREC crowns are natural looking. This is because our Ridgefield dental office uses tooth-colored material, specifically ceramic, to fashion them. No metal is used, no silver. And therefore, no glaring and obvious crown that mars your smile and draws attention to itself. A CEREC ceramic crown blends in with your other teeth, making for a smooth appearance that looks fantastic. In addition, ceramic is also anti-abrasive and resists plaque, giving it the advantage of promoting your future dental health as well. If that weren’t enough, ceramic is also compatible with the tissue in your mouth.

You may be wondering at this point how CEREC is able to do all of this so simply, safely, and effectively. Replacing the process of taking a traditional impression, which is a messy task, with a picture, CEREC spares you the bother of a mouthful of impression material. Then, employing CAD technology, the crown is designed from the picture taken. That design is then produced using computer aided manufacturing. The result is a precise finished product. Well, not quite finished yet. Custom stain and glaze is used to complete the work and then bonded to your teeth with strong adhesive. Our Ridgefield dental office is pleased to offer this convenient and efficient option to our valued patients.

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