North Bergen Cosmetic Dentist

North Bergen Cosmetic Dentist

Have years of stains caught up to your teeth, leaving them looking dull and lackluster? Do you wish you had a Hollywood-worthy, bright, white, shining smile? Come and visit our our website, and we can give you the beautiful, flawless, shining smile that you have always dreamed of! If you feel that your teeth could use some whitening, simply schedule a consultation with our North Bergen cosmetic dentist to discuss the whitening results you would like to achieve and the treatments that can help you achieve them.

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North Bergen Smile Makeovers

We use a state-of-the-art whitening technique called ZOOM! teeth bleaching that provides truly amazing whitening results. ZOOM! is a treatment that our our website, Dr. Michael Schwarz performs in the office, and it takes only about one hour to perform. The process involves combining whitening chemicals with high-tech laser technology to make your teeth noticeably whiter and brighter in one easy visit. If you would prefer to whiten your teeth at home, our North Bergen cosmetic dentist also gives his patients the option to use an effective at-home whitening kit. The dentist will inform you about how the treatments work, and show you how to apply them at home. The applications usually produce noticeable results within just a few days. Either treatment is highly effective and an easy process.

No matter which whitening treatment you choose, ZOOM!, or at-home applications, you will be amazed at how drastically your smile will change. Our North Bergen cosmetic dentist’s whitening treatments have improved the lives of many patients, and can do the same for you. To schedule an appointment with our our website to discuss the whitening treatment that would best suit your personal needs and smile goals, you can either call our office and speak with one of our friendly staff members, or fill out a short contact form on our website to request an appointment time and one of our staff members will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to creating a positive change in your smile that will leave you feeling confident and proud.

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