Kids Cavity Treatment in Ridgefield

Prevention of pediatric dental decay in Ridgefield

Kids cavity treatment in Ridgefield

Kids cavity treatment in Ridgefield

Do you want to make sure that your child stands the greatest chance of not getting dental cavities? If so, you want to bring him or her in to our dental practice, Michael B. Schwarz, DMD. At our dental practice, children can receive treatment which will help prevent cavities, and if necessary, they can receive kids cavity treatment in Ridgefield.

Our expert dentist is Dr. Michael B. Schwarz. He is pleased to be able to provide exceptional dental care for both children and adults alike. Children’s teeth can be very prone to cavities for several reasons. To begin with, children’s teeth often have grooves and pits in them. These areas provide great hiding places for plaque and bacteria. It makes it more difficult for the child to reach these areas during tooth brushing. Additionally, as we all know, children are not generally the best tooth-brushers, leaving even more chance that they will develop early childhood cavities. If your child loves sweets and carbs, as many children do, this will make them even more prone to developing cavities as well; these foods combine with saliva to create an acid that eats through tooth enamel. It is not unusual for a child to need kids cavity treatment in Ridgefield. When children come to our office with a cavity, we make sure that they remain perfectly comfortable and stress-free during their dental visit with us.

At our practice, we can help prevent pediatric dental decay by providing children with two different types of treatments. Fluoride treatments can be easily applied to the teeth to help ensure that the tooth enamel stays strong. This will make the teeth much more resistant to cavities. The surface of the back molars are very common places for childhood cavities to develop, since they are difficult to reach during brushing and can contain many grooves. Dental sealants can be easily applied to these areas to prevent cavities. Dental sealants are actually a physical barrier between the tooth surface and any food or bacteria that may come in contact with them. Dental sealants are extremely effective in preventing cavities, and one treatment will last for many years. For an appointment to bring in your child to see us regarding kids cavity treatment in Ridgefield, contact us today.

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