Dental Office Ridgefield

Dental Office Ridgefield

Dental cleanings are an essential part of overall dental health. This is true for you and also for your children. Dr. Michael B. Schwarz and the entire staff at our Ridgefield dental office is committed to keeping your teeth and gums strong and free of disease.

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The beginnings of dental health are always with you. A regular strategy of brushing, flossing, and dental rinsing combined with a diet that accentuates nutritious foods and limits sugary snacks and drinks is a fantastic foundation for preventing your teeth and gums from the ravages of tooth decay and gum disease. As important as your choices and habits are to achieving positive results, some plaque and tartar along with food particles and the resulting harmful bacteria can still find their way onto and in between your teeth as well as between your teeth and gums. The only way to eliminate those enemies to dental health and restore your mouth to its optimal state is to come in twice yearly for a complete cleaning at our Ridgefield dental office.

If plaque and the other bad guys are allowed to progress without the benefit of a good dental cleaning, tooth decay and gum disease are almost certain to follow. At our Ridgefield dental office, your cleaning will ensure that all of the unwanted elements are eliminated. The benefits are undeniable. You will stop tooth decay and gum disease in their tracks, preventing cavities and maybe even the need for root canal therapy down the road.

When it comes to your children, the need for dental cleanings is no less important. Losing primary teeth too early can cause problems for your child later, so stopping tooth decay is vital. Along with fluoride treatments, which can be very helpful, pediatric dental cleanings will give your daughter or son the best chance to keep their primary teeth healthy and strong until they fall out on the schedule they naturally should. Our Ridgefield dental office provides a welcoming and friendly environment for your child. He or she will feel comfortable and will be treated with the utmost patience and dedicated care.

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