Dental Implant West New York NJ

Tooth loss in West New York NJ

Dental implant West New York NJ

Dental implant West New York NJ

Having an incomplete smile can lead to further stress and strain on your bite, plus it can have a dramatic affect on your appearance as well as your ability to eat and speak normally. In order to restore your smile, you may want to learn more about dental implants West New York NJ. Our dentist Michael B. Schwarz, DMD can provide you with the comprehensive care you need to complete your smile and to learn more about the implant process.

Bridges and dentures or other popular methods of replacing lost teeth. Bridges are usually implemented when several or very few teeth are lost, in some cases maybe even only one tooth is missing. Dentures are better suited for individuals who are missing entire sections of teeth or complete rows of teeth. Dental implants can replace any number of teeth, and they can provide patients with the firm foundation of having a completely new and natural smile as well, which is something that bridges into dentures may not be able to achieve. Dental implants are surgically attached to the jawbone, rooted in the jaw much like natural teeth are. Because of their design, dental implants look and feel the most like real teeth, will also performing the most like real teeth as well. Many people with dental implants are happy with their new found ability to eat with a used do without having to worry about their dentures becoming dislodged or their bridges feeling loose or unreliable. Michael B. Schwarz, DMD and tell you more about dental implants West New York NJ, providing you with a comprehensive exam that will determine whether you are a candidate for this procedure and help you move forward if you happen to choose that as your method of treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, please call us here at the offices of Michael B. Schwarz, DMD. Dental implants Western New York NJ may just change your life and help you to fully restore your smile.

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