Dental Implant Brooklyn NY

Tooth loss in Brooklyn NY

Dental implant Brooklyn NY

Dental implant Brooklyn NY

Losing teeth can be devastating to people on a personal level, but it can be especially devastating for overall dental health. Dental health problems like decay, disease, injury, or simply old age can all contribute to the eventual loss of teeth, but no matter what has caused the loss, it is important to discuss your restoration options with a dental specialist like Michael B. Schwarz, DMD as soon as you can. Here at our dental office, Dr. Schwarz can discuss options like dental implants in Brooklyn NY and how they can be used to treat tooth loss.

Losing teeth can change the way you look, alter the way you eat and speak, and most importantly it will affect your dental health. Any damage to your smile can continue to harm your overall dental well-being, and having an incomplete smile can continue to put strain on your bite and remaining teeth, creating further problems down the road even when teeth have already been lost or removed. There are many options out there regarding teeth replacement, and dental implants are only one of these options. Dental implants are famous for looking and feeling the most like real teeth. This is generally credited to the use of artificial tooth roots as well as artificial crowns. These roots are made from titanium posts that are surgically attached to the jawbone, anchored much like real teeth. These posts actually meld with the bone in a biological process known as osseointegration. This is where implants get their strength and support. Michael B. Schwarz, DMD can provide you with an evaluation that will determine whether you are a candidate for the surgery and can get you started by designing dental implants in Brooklyn NY that look as natural as possible.

If you have lost teeth and are interested in dental implants in Brooklyn NY, please call us here at the offices of Michael B. Schwarz, DMD so you can get started today.

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