1 Visit Crowns in Ridgefield

1-visit dental crowns

1 visit crowns in Ridgefield

1 visit crowns in Ridgefield

Getting a crown is an often necessary and desirable choice to make for supplementing a tooth that has become severely decayed, is cracked or chipped, crooked, or even discolored. Crowns have a wide variety of uses, but if the only part you don’t like is having to make two trips to our office in order to get one, you’re going to be very happy to hear about our 1 visit crowns in Ridgefield. Thanks to CEREC crowns, the technology to have it all done in just one session is now here. You can walk out with a new crown the very same day, without the need for any messy impressions. It may sound too good to be true, but it is true. And it’s also very effective and safe.

What’s the difference between getting a crown the old-fashioned way, and getting our 1 visit crowns in Ridgefield? Well, you’re certainly getting the exact same quality and durability that you would expect with any crown. But whereas the standard procedure for a crown it to take impressions, send them off to the dental lab, and then wait for a week or two until the finished crown is returned, CEREC is much simpler and quicker than that. The key lies in the state-of-the-art 3-D computer technology that is that the root of this method.

When you come into our office for our 1 visit crowns in Ridgefield, Dr. Schwarz will take measurements and then feed that data directly into our on-site machine, which makes your crown right on the spot, while you wait. Only the highest standards of quality are adhered to as part of this process, and our dentist is skilled and experienced in working with it.

We respect your valuable time, and we know that your schedule is busy. You don’t need to be making additional trips to our office that are simply unnecessary. Our 1 visit crowns in Ridgefield give you what you need, and in the time frame that you want. Restorations have never been easier. So, the next time you need a crown, think of us and of CEREC.

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